Monday, April 03, 2006

My two Phobias - Enochlophobia and Satanphobia

Yesterday my wife and I went shopping at Landmark, a large shopping complex in Makati Business District. I usually hate shopping. Thats because I have a social phobia, commonly called Enochlophobia or the fear of large crowds. Symptoms typically associated with Enochlophobia includes irration and stress - at least those are the common symptoms for me. And shopping for me at least, brings on alot more irration and stress than I normally would like to experience.
The only other phobia I can think of having gone through is Satanphobia, or the abnormal fear of Satan. This was a common phobia for me when I was young and learning about God - a phobia that I think I've outgrown since my preadolescent years.


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