Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Food Guide - Danggit and Dillis

Food Guide

Delicious crispy, fried dillis - todays lunch!

Not the only thing to power up a pizza or hors d'oeuvres meal - anchovy and danggit can be used in a variety of ways in the Philippines. Dilis (anchovys) dipped in some sweet and sour type sauce was what I had for lunch today. Both Dillis and danggit (a small type of dried fish) is quite popular throughout the Philippines. Most dried fish sold in the market is quite salty and you have to eat it with a dish that helps to neutralize its saltiness, say with something like congee for example. Danggit on the other hand isn't all that salty, and when fried, its quite nice and crispy. Its also a good compliment with beer, and goes well with a coke.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My two Phobias - Enochlophobia and Satanphobia

Yesterday my wife and I went shopping at Landmark, a large shopping complex in Makati Business District. I usually hate shopping. Thats because I have a social phobia, commonly called Enochlophobia or the fear of large crowds. Symptoms typically associated with Enochlophobia includes irration and stress - at least those are the common symptoms for me. And shopping for me at least, brings on alot more irration and stress than I normally would like to experience.
The only other phobia I can think of having gone through is Satanphobia, or the abnormal fear of Satan. This was a common phobia for me when I was young and learning about God - a phobia that I think I've outgrown since my preadolescent years.