Tuesday, April 11, 2006


A guard standing in front of the entrance to Intramurous.Manila Intramuros
Intramuros is a fortified colonial Spanish town located near Manila's Pasig River. A huge stone wall, originally built in 1590, surrounds Intramurous - making it an extremely well armed settlement area. During world war II, a section of Intramaurous - Fort Santiago, was turned into POW camp by the Japanese. Later during the war Fort Santiago was caught in heavy cross-fire between American and Japanese troops. Sadly over 100,000 Filippinos lost their lives by the end of the war.

Inside Intramurous, you'll find old Spanish houses, buildings and some very nice cafes and resturants that carter to tourists and locals alike. To avoid the heat of the sun and those radiating from the walls, the best time to visit Intramuros is early in the morning or latter in the afternoon.

Intramurous is open seven days a week to tourist.

Top: A guard at Intramuros

Some interesting places to visit inside the fort includes:

1) Bahay Tsinoy Museum - a museum which showcases the history of Chinese settlement in Manila.
Opening hours Tue - Friday 12pm-5pm, Sat-Sunday 9am-5pm.

2) San Agustin Church - a charming Catholic church and monastery, located along General Luna St. The church is very well preserved, with a combination of Italian and Spanish design. The church is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Service is in English and Pilippino.
Open to the public 9am - 5 pm daily.

3) Fort Santiago - located along the Pasig river, Fort Santiago is a worthwhile visit if you are interested in Pilippino culture and histroy. Inside Fort Santiago is the Rizal Shrine Museum, which showcases the life and death of the Philippines National hero, Jose Rizal.
Admission: Adults PHP40; children and students PHP15.

Above: Jose Rizal

Inside Intramurous